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Reiki and Herbs

Reiki and Herbs
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You must be wondering how Reiki and herbs can be connected and used on seeing the title of the topic, but from my personal experience herbs play a major role in opening the chakras, balancing or harmonizing them.

In any Reiki healing session’s addition of herbs, oils or crystals will always enhance the vibrational pattern and influence our chakras along with our aura. In this article we will discuss the usage of Sage, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon grass which are very helpful in stimulating healing process during a Reiki Session.


One of the best herbs used to assist in opening the Third Eye. Sage also helps in opening blocked chakras and restores their function. If you have a client who is emotionally down or has a lack of confidence than giving them Sei He Ki along with sage burning in your healing room will not only enhance the clients confidence but also make him come out of emotional imbalance. One more way of using sage is when we are cleansing and shielding ourselves with Reiki. Burning of sage aids to raise and attract higher energies, frequencies, and vibrations and come out of behavioral patterns in any relationship.


This herb is best used during meditation to align energy centers and encourage healing or to enhance our healing capacity so burning of frankincense prior to a healing session is beneficial. It is good to burning Frankincense during sessions for women related issues like PMS, Ovary Cysts or also for Karmic Reiki sessions. Combining of sage and frankincense are also known to benefit for emotional healing. In healing the Root chakra one can burn frankincense and give Cho Ku Rei to the Root chakra and you will feel the energy absorbed during this session is tremendous and makes you stronger as Frankincense is associated with Root chakra.



Lavender is best when we have long Reiki sessions or when we are doing Psychic Surgeries because in such sessions the client usually is very scared and has no confidence and lavender works best on Solar Plexus chakra and thus enhances the confidence of the client and keeps him calm and peaceful till the session is complete. When we work on clearing the in-depth blockages in the chakras and aura of any client than they need proper shielding and protection for some time and we suggest to them to use lavender in their rooms in diffuser so that they feel protected and the chakras are also protected. So in short lavender does the work of protecting the chakras after the blockages are removed.


Lemongrass is best for Throat and Solar Plexus chakras expecially for people who have thyroid problems, than we prefer using lemongrass. Lemongrass like lavender can also be used when doing sessions related to removal on negative blockages and protecting the chakras of a client. Many have lemongrass tea for detoxifying and cleansing process.

You can also use herbs with combos of crystals. All you need to do is charge your crystals with the Reiki symbols and place them near the seating place of your client with the intention that the crystals help in your healing process and you will see your clients getting results much sooner than expected. Do try the tips given by me and leave me a message of the amazing energies you felt.


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