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Gem elixirs

Gem elixirs
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A gem elixir is a potion created in a magical or sacred way that has been infused with the energies of a stone or crystal. They are easy to make and are very effective for a wide variety of purposes, especially for long term healing.

First of all you need to choose a stone that suits the aim of your spell and make sure that it is thoroughly cleansed. When the stone is clean place it in the bottom of a clear glass or bowl and cover it with water. Natural spring water or rainwater are best. If you cannot get them then you can use bottled mineral water (still, not fizzy!) or tap water. Remember that for the best results you should cleanse every item that you are going to use inside your magic circle to avoid introducing any unwanted energies to your spell.

As a general rule any elixir that will be used for physical purposes or bodily healing should be created with sunlight and any elixir that will be used for magical, psychic or mental purposes should be created with moonlight. Leave the glass or bowl outside under the Moon or the Sun depending on the type of elixir you are making and let the clear light of the Moon or Sun shine on the stone for at least three hours.

It is important that the stone and the water get at least three hours of pure sunlight or moonlight, not just hazy light through clouds. Therefore it is best to make elixirs on clear, cloudless days or nights.


When the three hours have passed take a glass bottle that has been cleansed. The size of bottle you use does not matter but if possible it should be made of dark glass that prevents light getting to the finished elixir. If you cannot get a dark glass bottle then use acrylic paint (available at art and hobby stores) to paint the bottle any colour you like (a thin layer of varnish when the paint is dry will protect it from scratches). Half fill the bottle with the water from your bowl or glass and then top it up with brandy (or another alcoholic spirit).

The alcohol acts as a preservative and will stop your elixir from going off if it is stored for any length of time. The actual amount of alcohol you consume with an elixir is tiny but if you are worried about it pour your dose of elixir into very hot water and wait for it to cool before drinking it- the heat will evaporate any alcohol in the mixture. Once you have filled the bottle put the lid on and shake it gently for about 30 seconds. Label the bottle with the type of elixir and the date it was made then store it in a dark place until you need it. A small piece of stone can be left in the bottle if you want - because the elixir is taken in a glass there is no danger of you choking on it.


Take three drops of elixir in a glass of water twice a day. Remember that this is a magical elixir and therefore doubling your dose is not going to double the effects! It is designed to be taken in very small doses. When you take the elixir pause for a moment and thank the spirit of the stone for its help. 'Please' and 'Thank You' are probably the most important and the most neglected magic words!

Drink Fluorite Elixir to awaken the powers of astral projection and enhance spirit journeys. Agate Elixir can be used as an aphrodisiac potion-add a couple of drops to your lover's drink. Blue Lace Agate Elixir can be taken to help ease the physical effects of stress and tension. Emerald Elixir can be taken to help heal the trauma of violence, abuse or rape. Use Sodalite Elixir to increase your creativity and vision.


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