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Feng shui for home

Feng shui for home
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A good feng shui house is a house that attracts good feng shui energy, nourishes it and channels it throughout the whole house. From good quality air to a strong feng shui front door, there are several basic requirements for good feng shui in any house.

There are many aspects to feng shui, and one of the most important rules is called the “command position”. The “command position” is the feng shui concept that governs where and how you can position your furniture in a given space to achieve the best and positive flow of energy. Ideally your bed, desk, and stove should be positioned so that you can see the door, while not in line with the door. Better yet, is to have your back against the wall furthest from the door, so you can see the expanse of the room, but not in directly in line with the door.

This places you in command of the room, your home and your life, so that you can see what the universe brings to you and you are not in a position to be surprised. The “command position” situates you in so that you can clearly see ahead and move forward with your eyes open. The “command position” is essential for how you can position yourself in any situation. Furniture-wise, it is beneficial for you to re-arrange your bed, your desk (at home and work), and your stove in this position.


You can also find computer “rearview” mirrors. For your bed, you can get a tall standing mirror. Make sure that when you’re sitting at your desk, standing at your stove cooking, or lying down in bed, you can clearly see the door in the mirror. It takes a bit of maneuvering. But once you get that mirror, you are back in command! Feng shui can be simple and straightforward. Take some time and look at how you can rearrange your furniture and life so you can be in command, to encourage relaxation and the best of you to shine through. Recognize that you are actively making a small change to let the universe know, you are ready to accept the best things that are coming to you.


Essential Feng Shui tips


Essential Feng Shui tips

We spend about one third of our life in our bedroom and about one third of our life in our workspaces. If two thirds of our lives are spent in these two places, we must ask ourselves how is the quality of the energy in these environments?

Feng Shui mirror placement


Feng Shui mirror placement

Feng Shui Mirrors will double anything it reflects in your life. Ask yourself what it is that you want to double? Do you want to double your happiness? Or May be you want more sales, more customers etc...You can use feng shui mirrors to double anything in your life that it reflects.

Feng Shui and Religion


Feng Shui and Religion

Feng shui is not a religion. Feng shui is the recognition or understanding of the laws of nature, and that there are certain universal patterns of energy. For every energetic force, there is an equal and opposite force. For every cause, there is an effect. This natural phenomenon exists whether you believe in it or not.



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