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Feng Shui mirror placement

Feng Shui mirror placement
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Feng Shui Mirrors will double anything it reflects in your life. Ask yourself what it is that you want to double? Do you want to double your happiness? Or May be you want more sales, more customers etc...You can use feng shui mirrors to double anything in your life that it reflects.

Ask any good interior designer How do I make my space look bigger? The first response is always mirrors. Thats because mirrors will double the feeling of more space. Now ask any feng shui consultant How do I get more sales, business, money ? The response is always mirrors. For example If you want to increase more sales in your shop then you can have a mirror reflecting your cash register. This symbolizes a doubling of business. This helps to literally "double" your sales.

If your shops is suffering from the economic slowdown hitting the world then might want to try using feng shui mirror to improve their sales. You can have a floor to ceiling mirror near the entrance will double the customers. And it will attract new customers into the retail store. And deep inside the shop feng shui mirrors can double the products in the rack.

In The Bedroom

In the bedroom when your mirror is reflecting your bed it doubles your loneliness if you are single. If you are married it will not double your love. Instead it brings a third party into the relationship and causes infidelity. It is best to keep mirrors out of the bedroom. Or cover them at night if you have no choice.


In The Living And Dining Room

In the home mirror are best placed in living and dining areas. Feng Shui mirrors reflecting the dining table doubles the food which signify wealth and abundance. Now you dont want the mirror to reflect garbage dumps or dirty drains from outside. If the view outside is not pleasing then use curtains or blinds. Shut the outside world. If the wall mirror also reflect pleasant views from outdoors either a river or healthy growing plants or rolling hills - that suggest a vast expanse of pure energy. Views of trees bring in growth energy while views of scenic mountains bring great relationship. Views of water bring prosperity! In the Living rooms where families hold parties and gatherings are also good locations to hang a mirror and can double the number of people in the room for a more festive chi!

In Bathrooms And Kitchens

Now would you want the mirror inside the toilet reflecting your toilet seat ? No. Would you want feng shui mirror to reflect old newspapers and bills- not unless you love rising expenses. Also you should not be used in kitchen as it doubles the fire. Neither you would love to double sharp corners which act as a poison arrows.

Missing Corners

Mirrors can also be a cure for missing corners in your home. Now every corner has a unique luck residing in it. For example if south east corner of your home is missing you will find it difficult to accumulate wealth. If south west is missing then you may never be able to find a soul mate or satisfying relationship. A missing corner ensures you stay unhappy in work and career.

Mirror will double the space and fill missing corner. But make sure mirrors dont reflect any door or the bed. You dont want to double the toilet, kitchens. And mirror reflecting the door sends beneficial chi energy back. So if you have a foyer then you can use it to double the space but mirror should not reflect the main door.


10 Things Your Mirror Should Never Reflect

Doors and window
Toilet seat
Fames in the kitchens
Another mirror
Dirty drains
Poison arrows or sharp corners of furnitures or walls
A distorted image of yours.
Body of the tallest member without his head.



Essential Feng Shui tips


Essential Feng Shui tips

We spend about one third of our life in our bedroom and about one third of our life in our workspaces. If two thirds of our lives are spent in these two places, we must ask ourselves how is the quality of the energy in these environments?

Feng Shui and Religion


Feng Shui and Religion

Feng shui is not a religion. Feng shui is the recognition or understanding of the laws of nature, and that there are certain universal patterns of energy. For every energetic force, there is an equal and opposite force. For every cause, there is an effect. This natural phenomenon exists whether you believe in it or not.

Feng shui for small spaces


Feng shui for small spaces

If you’re a student moving into a dorm room, small apartment, or studio, or if someone in your family is making this big move, a few Feng Shui tips can help make the transition smoother. Students, especially freshman moving into a dorm room for the first time, usually find that their new surroundings are not quite as comfortable as their bedrooms back home.



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