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Best qualities based on Zodiac signs

Best qualities based on Zodiac signs
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Believing in the stars is something that might seem a bit far fetched for some, but for those of us who look to them for wisdom and guidance, they’re more than just dazzling lights in the night sky...

Our astrological place in the world helps us reflect on who we are and where we’re headed. They’re also great little reminders of the infinite amount of potential we each possess; check out which qualities are your best, based on your sign:

Aries – The natural born leader. Highly ambitious and creative, the Aries is almost always thrusted into a position of leadership. You’re also very spontaneous and never miss an opportunity to adventure with those you care about.

Taurus – The practical artist. The Taurus is known for its loyalty, which is why their friendships will last a lifetime. You’ve seen your BFFs through the darkest of times and never leave people hanging. Your artistic side of you comes out in your work.

Gemini – The firecracker. Geminis are the free spirits that are unforgettable. Your laughter is contagious and you never let anyone tone you down. You’re good at adapting to new environments and are not afraid to voice your opinion.

Cancer – You have the biggest of hearts. Crabs tend to have an icy, hard outer layer, but are known for their love. When you give love, you give it all, showering your partner with respect and admiration because you see the best in them. You’re also very empathetic and in tune with your emotions.


Leo – The energy and passion of the sun. Leos radiate positive vibes, lifting the moods and energies of those around them. You’re always on board for a good time with friends. You can also be very blunt sometimes, but it’s necessary. Telling your friends what they need to hear when they need to hear it is a good thing.

Virgo – The intelligent introvert. Virgos are highly observant, allowing them to read people like the Sunday newspaper. Your friends count on you in a variety of different situations because of how reliable and resourceful you are. You don’t like to show off because overachieving comes naturally to you.

Libra – The charming peacemaker. Libras are infamous for being the most dateable of the zodiac because of their highly romantic nature. They put a lot of thought and effort into showing their significant others that they care. Libras listen and give advice, which is why their friends come to them for help with their problems.

Scorpio – The Scorpio is bold. Unafraid of failure, the Scorpio takes risks without fear. They’re good decision-makers because of their intuitive nature. Getting work done on time is not hard because of how well you focus.


Sagittarius – You’re the adventurous one. Being timid is not your thing, as Sagittariuses are brave adventurers. Spontaneous backpacking trips through foreign countries aren’t unusual and you have a heart for people, which is when you show your compassion.

Capricorn – The wise alpha. Capricorns are highly ambitious, which is where the alpha trait derives from. There is no fear when it comes to making those big leaps in life. Go for it and give it your best.

Aquarius – The old soul. Aquarians gain their notoriety from their sentimental friendliness, meaning, like the Taurus, they make lasting friendships. Your big imagination contributes to your unique way of thinking and your nerdy sense of humor.

Pisces – The compassionate one. Pisces can get a bad rep because of their highly sensitive nature, but it’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s an essential part of your personality because you’re always there to help when someone needs it. You have a kind heart and a creative mind, leading you to inspire others.


Types of Horoscope


Types of Horoscope

The Signs work the same way. Each of the twelve Signs is a unique combination of one of the four Elements and one of the three Qualities. The Elements and Qualities demonstrate that we are all part of the environment.




The Zodiac, or "circle of animals" is a zone or belt in space projected onto the celestial sphere through which, from our viewpoint, the planets move. A symbolic geometric construction around 15 to 18 degrees wide, it is divided into 12 signs,...

Zodiac  signs and Health


Zodiac signs and Health

Historically, however, astrology had a much greater wellness purpose. Interestingly enough, many doctors at one time used astrology as a tool to help determine the likelihood of developing a number of serious diseases. Medical astrology is one of the longest intellectua traditions.



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