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7 signs your soul has Reincarnated

7 signs your soul has Reincarnated
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People who have old souls tend to be some of the most balanced beings in the entire world. They are able to see things for the way they are and have a high level of maturity that seems as if they have done it all before. Some even believe that they were reincarnated into another life...

Some even believe that they were reincarnated into another life, only to continue their unfinished business and whatever else they've experienced before. Whatever the case may be, either reincarnation or just having a pretty good grasp on the world around you, there is a chance that you too are one of these old souls. Here are some traits of an old soul personality that you can compare yourself to and see if you have been wandering the earth much longer than you expected!

1. Incredible Intuition

You have the best gut instincts when it comes to dealing with the world around you. You are so attuned to what is right that it is hard for you to actually commit something that's wrong. Old souls are able to pick up on facial cues, expressions, and can empathize with just about everyone. People have a hard time hiding their emotions from you and you know just what to say or do for them.

2. Conscious

Old souls are some of the most conscious beings in the world. They leave themselves open to every possibility in the universe, entirely self-aware of what's going on. Even if the world remains at large, old souls listen to the cry-outs of the earth, able to feel the raw emotions of people, and accept the things that they will never be able to change.


3. Know How To Attract Others

Old souls have a very profound understanding of the law of attraction when it comes to people's interests. This makes getting the things you want much easier since people are so drawn to them for reasons they aren't quite sure of. Either way, you offer them the chance to see who you are and if they are hooked, then it's pretty much game over. More often than not, you surprise yourself with how easy it is to attract others to your presence.

4. Time Does Not Matter To You

Time is irrelevant to old souls, simply because they have already spent enough time in past lives to make it not matter anymore. You know that you have more than enough time to do the things you want, go at your own pace, and reach your goals in your own way. Time has nothing to do with your agenda. You are as fluid as the water you drink.

5. Can Handle Displacement

Even though old souls do not particularly like being displaced or out of line, they still handle it effortlessly and with grace. They understand that they do not always have to be in the picture, but prefer people and things you're familiar with. Sometimes it may even seem like you were born into the wrong culture, family, or body. Old souls have conflicts with their new lives sometimes simply because of how displaced they feel in the world.


6. Recall Previous Lives

There are times where you find yourself in a daydream of what seems like someone else's life. Old souls can't help but feel like they are constantly recalling past experiences throughout the day, making note of certain people they saw, places they've been, or even remembering where they died prior to their current existence.

7. Can Tolerate A Lot Of Pain

Since old souls have experienced life's many adversities before, despair, sorrow, and other horrible emotions do not hinder them as they once did. Even though you may be feeling some of the worst heartbreak, you still can't help but realize that there is nothing more you can do to help the situation other than let it go in order for yourself to happy once again. You have had to let many others go before and do not like reliving the experience.


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