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Bioenergy is based in quantum physics

Bioenergy is based in quantum physics
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Energy medicine is founded on the fact that humans are very energetic organisms. We create measurable heat, generate electricity, give off measurable light in a darkened room, and even have a measurable magnetic field.

According to the principles of quantum physics, we are actually energy beings that occupy a material body in a physical space. Quantum Physics is a scientific model of the structure of matter; according to the particle theory, all matter is made up of extremely tiny particles of atoms and molecules. All particles in a pure substance are identical (no two different pure substances have the same particles). All particles are always moving - more energy (heat) produces more movement. All particles are attracted to one another.

Consider that this entire dimension of matter is a quantum soup of particles as defined above with the only difference being the frequency of movement in the consistent space between particles.

This accounts for a vast array of different types of material presentations in this dimension all having the common foundation from same energy. Popular quantum theories in applied sciences, asserts that within physics, a field is an assignment of quantity within each point of space-time. A well-studied quantum phenomenon called spin-spin interaction suggests that subatomic particles called neutrinos do not carry mass but "only information" as they are transmitted across space between particles.


Ether is a term used to describe this space or the medium for the propagation of light and energy and information between particles. It has metaphysical origins, from ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle who described this information rich space between particles as a Fifth Element. More recently, psychologist Carl Yung proposed evidence of a common unseen intelligent connection between humans that he called Collective Unconscious which also refers to Ether; the intelligent energy space between particles that facilitates intercommunication of conscious thought energy between humans.

The concept of Ether enables theorists to use quantum mechanics to describe an information-energy field of interconnections, signals, events, and processes. We will call this Ether a field of life-energy-information or a bioenergy field.


What is energy body?


What is energy body?

Our body is energy. Emitting radiation, it also receives radiation. Our every physical and mental action requires a certain energy potential and redirection of energy by physical and psychological means. The circulation of blood, liquids, gases and electricity in the body are energy processes.

Bioenergy Healing


Bioenergy Healing

Healing with bioenergy has been around for thousands of years and is known around the world. This safe, simple and incredibly successful healing method is a phenomenon that has helped over a million people worldwide.

John Raphael and the tower tree


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