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Bioenergy therapy

Bioenergy therapy
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Bioenergy therapy is a very specialised form of healing and has achieved unique success with all types of conditions beyond the capability of other institutions. Being completely natural, Bioenergy therapy does not interfere in any way with medication, either prescribed or over-the-counter.

Bioenergy was introduced in Ireland by Michael O'Doherty and Tom Griffin who became aware of the existence of energies beneficial to healing through their involvement with the martial arts. They trained in Yugoslavia with Zdenko Domancic in the mid- 1980's and brought Bioenergy Healing back to Ireland. This therapy is not a new phenomenon; it originated in the East and is more than 5,000 years old. The first reference to 'Life Energy' or 'Bio Energy' is in the "I Ching" (The book of Changes 1122 BC).

The Chinese were aware not only of the existence of life energy or 'Chi' but the ability to manipulate it to cure ill health. The training they underwent to become proficient in this therapy was a natural training with no recourse to chemicals, drugs etc. This still holds true.

Bioenergy therapy is not based on any religion but on the existence of energies within and outside the body which have been proven by scientists to exist (e.g. MRI scan, ECG). The World Health Organisation accepted that the body has a composition of energy when they accepted acupuncture in 1979. Bioenergy therapy is administered to people, regardless of race, religion, colour or creed. Another important point to note is that a person does not need to believe in the therapy or the energy system for the treatment to work.


Bioenergy therapists develop the sensitivity in their hands in order to be able to detect where there are problems with the energy centres and the energy field. The therapists, through the use of this extra sensory ability, can use energies which are all around to balance the patients energy system. The therapist is the medium through which the energies flow, not the origin of the energies. The hands are the sensors through which therapists can diagnose what is wrong on an energy level, and rectify it. This creates a situation whereby the bodies own natural ability to heal itself is activated. In treating a person, the first step is to tune into the energy field and this is done through a series of hand m ovements.

The therapy then involves the manipulation and balancing of the energies contained inside and outside the human body. When there is a blockage of energy, this must be cleared if people are to be well. Bioenergy therapists clear such blockages and also replenish the energy field in areas that are depleted of energy. This is done through a series of hand movements by the therapist. During treatment, some patients experience a tingling or heat / coolness near the area where the therapist is working. Although many people do feel the therapy, it is not necessary to feel anything in order for the therapy to work.


What is energy body?


What is energy body?

Our body is energy. Emitting radiation, it also receives radiation. Our every physical and mental action requires a certain energy potential and redirection of energy by physical and psychological means. The circulation of blood, liquids, gases and electricity in the body are energy processes.

Bioenergy Healing


Bioenergy Healing

Healing with bioenergy has been around for thousands of years and is known around the world. This safe, simple and incredibly successful healing method is a phenomenon that has helped over a million people worldwide.

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