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Psychology of the Major Arcana

Psychology of the Major Arcana
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Tarot cards are a form of divination which assist in allowing a sneak peek into a potential future. A common misconception is that the future is set in stone, and when the cards fall- that is your fate. It may be a bit unorthodox to the orthodox tarot reader...

The major arcana, in particular, are 22 cards that tell a story about learning the way of the world through experience. The first card (or 0), The Fool, is representative of the quest for knowledge. The Fool departs with nothing more than his questions as his baggage, and his questions are what fuel him to find “the” answer, which is the way of the world.

Here is a quick glimpse at the meaning of each card, so you may gain a better understanding of how each applies to an experience each of us will eventually go through during our lifetime…

0. The Fool: The beginning of your quest for knowledge.

1. The Magician: Knowledge through experience.

2. The High Priestess: The female energy of your mind (right side of the brain).

3. The Empress: The ability to acknowledge ego, and understand that it serves as a teacher to protect yourself, from your self – being able to think fast, and still have loving intention.

4. The Emperor: Not allowing ego to be your primary decision maker, and understanding that the only thing you will always be wearing is your soul (being too left brained).

5. The Hierophant: Finding balance between soul and ego. Letting go of the need to fix everything, and understanding there is no need to interfere, you must only guide, and lead by example.

6. The Lovers: The Lovers are not quite what you imagine. The card doesn’t represent a significant other, but rather – the lesson of The Lovers is to live life with love being your primary objective.


7. The Chariot: The Chariot represents being aware of the consequences of your actions, and not allowing sexual desires/false bravado to be your guiding forces.

8. Strength: Remembering to be a warrior, not a worrier… approaching life with an open heart, and staying strong during adversity.

9. The Hermit: Finding appreciation for solitude, because it can serve to remind you of your true purpose.

10. The Wheel of Fortune: The only permanence is impermanence. Fortune can change instantly, and it is important to remain grateful – always.

11. Justice: You reap what you sow, and for every action there is a reaction.

12. The Hanged Man: It is far better to confront your demons, and allow them to be teachers – as opposed to having them be your “executioners.”

13. Death: An end is just a new beginning.

14. Temperance: Patience and persistence for what you’re passionate about.


15. The Devil: The Devil is not a “monster,” but instead it is the monster that chains you to a lower vibration because of choices made primarily for egotistical gain.

16. The Tower: A reminder to be humble and appreciate all that you have, as well as what you can have. Also, to be aware that once you get what you wish for, you must not take it for granted.

17. The Star: To be able to see the stars, you must know the darkness, and in order to see the light, you must know that even in the light, the dark exists but is only there to cradle the stars.

18. The Moon: Masculine energy, being called to be the best “man” you can be.

19. The Sun: Finding balance between the day and the night, and remembering the lesson of the sun – be light, be bright, be warm, and inspire life to flourish by what you project to your surroundings.

20. Judgement: Responsibility for the past to progress in the future.

21. The World: Know yourself, and you will know the world. Know the world, and you will know yourself.


As you explore the major arcana, and apply the lessons to your experience – what you will come to find is that the end result is The Fool understands The World, and all that works through him (us) along his (our) journey are mirrors to the soul’s reflection. Each card represents an archetype of personality that envelops our human experience. We each have many dimensions to what makes us human, and each dimension is uncovered through a new experience. Good, bad, indifferent, nothing is ever permanent, and nothing is ever truly good or bad. All are lessons, and experience is the master teacher that allows us to find our truth, and the tarot serves as a reminder of what truth we are projecting here and now.


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