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Transurfing Tarot

Transurfing Tarot
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Also known as Tarocchi dello Spazio delle Varianti. Nobody forbids you to choose the destination of your liking. Getting to the destination, boils down to something very simple: make the choice. Transurfing answers the question "how?".

The Reality Transurfing Tarot is a very non-traditional tarot deck (more of a 78-card oracle) based on 'transurfing' - Vadim Zeland's method of manifesting and controlling your own reality. The deck has 78 cards but is built around tts own system rather than standard tarot. Transurfing, is not a new method of personal development, but the art of lucid dreaming. Most people are in a deep sleep, even those who think they are awake.

Transurfing is a way of thinking and acting consciously, in order to choose what we want. The consciousness of a person determines his whole life. Transurfing principles help us to achieve our aspirations in an easy and effortless way. Transurfing is a way to choose one's own destiny, literally, like a supermarket product. Once our choice made, that is what we get.

When the asking comes from a stand point of certainty and knowledge, then there is no doubt, faith is then pure. For example, I have decided that I will get what I desire; after all, that is what I want, I will get it. On the other hand if the asking lacks these elements, It is not difficult to understand what position wins.

There is a difference between desire and intention, and that is; desire does not exclude the probability of default. If we want something and find it hard to obtain, we begin to want it even more, desire always creates excessive potential (imbalance).
Intention does not believe and does not desire, it simply acts in the direction of the goal.


Psychology of the Major Arcana


Psychology of the Major Arcana

Tarot cards are a form of divination which assist in allowing a sneak peek into a potential future. A common misconception is that the future is set in stone, and when the cards fall- that is your fate. It may be a bit unorthodox to the orthodox tarot reader...

History of Tarot


History of Tarot

The tarot is the mirror that reflects back to you the hidden aspects of your unique awareness. Tarot is one tool which shows us to rely on the wisdom of our inner guide.

Modern psychology and tarot


Modern psychology and tarot

Reading through the meaning of each Tarot card, it is common to wonder where the interpretations originated from.



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