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Personal finance & job horoscope

Here you can get your personal finance & job horoscope. This personal horoscope covers you whole finance&job situation in the following 3 months. It will give you a lot of informations about the acctual situation, about your possibilities and possible problems as well as several options for solving them including suitable dates for making any important decisions, changes and plans.

Please fill only the fields you know, as accurate as possible. Leave the fields you're not sure empty or select "not sure". Data you're not sure of or any additional data/infos you'd like to leave our experts, you can put in the extra field. Please be sure to doublecheck the given data before sending. The price for this horoscope is 150.000 credits for regular users, and 75.000 credits for Superusers. It usually takes 24 hours after sending the request, for this horoscope to be compleated, but not longer than 3 days (in case of extra questions and demandings). You will get this horoscope in your inbox, here on Your personal data you enter will be treated confidentially and used for this purpose only.


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