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Cookies are very small text documents sent by the web servers to web browsers and stored by the same web browsers. Every next time when you open some web site whose server has sent cookies to your browser, the information stored in the cookie will be sent back to the server. This enables web servers to identify and track web browsers. On this web site, this feature is used ONLY for you to be able to stay logged in the web site and to be able to use all the features enabled only for our logged-in users.

The cookie from the The Website is a persistent cookie and it will be deleted from your computer when it reaches its expiry date but not before unless you delete it yourself.

The Website also uses Google cookies. Google Analytics is a Google feature used to analyse the use of some website. It generates statistical and usage information about the website by means of cookies stored on users’ computers. Google Analytics makes usage reports by analysing data of all users all together. For those purposes Google will store and use this information. More about Google’s Privacy Policy is available for you to read on Google’s website.

We also use Google’s Ads. Google publishes interest-based advertisements on The Website. Google is determining which of the ads is going to be shown to you by connecting the ads with your interests. To be able to determine the appropriate advertisement for you, Google tracks your interests across the Internet using cookies as well. Because of that, Google is making it possible for you to add, delete or simply to check interest categories associated with your browser by using Google’s Ads Preference Manager, located on Google’s website. If you do not wish to be tracked by Google in general, you can opt-out on Google’s website. If you would like to maintain your opt-out from Google, you should use Google’s browser plug-in available on Google’s websites.

You can refuse cookies in most browsers but we cannot know which browser you will be using while browsing The Website. In case you would like to refuse cookies, you have to find out yourself, by reading the guides and tutorials from your browser’s manufacturer, how to do it.

Blocking cookies on The Website will prevent you to use The Website as a logged in user. You will not be able to send messages to other users or to view locked parts of the reserved for logged in users only. You will be able to read those The Website parts which are open for non-logged users such as for example news.

We reserve the right to make changes to Cookie Policy without notice.
25th July 2015

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