DMCA Notice Of Copyright Infringement

All the Notices of alleged copyright infringement that are in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (view more at will be checked by (The Website). According to the rules and regulations defined by DMCA, The Website will act in response to request of Copyright Infringement reported on The Website.

The Website’s users are allowed to publish content based on their own judgement and they are solely responsible for the possible infractions of the copyright laws, as stated in our Terms of Use available on every page of The Website. Every user of The Website has accepted Terms of Use and she/he agreed to take the responsibility of possible infraction made by herself/himself. In case of the Notice of alleged copyright infringement, The Website will immediately take action to, if proved as an infringement, remove the content and The Website will also provide you with the data to contact the user who made the infringement. In any other case, The Website will not grant you any data of any of its user.

Before sending the Notice, also take into the consideration that DMCA (17 U.S.C. § 512(f)) states that any person who falsely and deliberately misreports any content or activity will be defined as infringer and may be legally prosecuted and held solely liable for all damages and losses that might occur.

According to the Terms of Use of The Website, The Website can without any explanation remove any content on The Website. If you believe there is some kind of copyright infringement, we encourage you to contact us to try to settle the possible dispute as simple and fast as possible.

Notice of Copyright Infringement has to be send following next procedure:

  • Unique and clear identification of the disputed item(s) for what is the claim to be in copyright infringement;
  • You contact information;
  • Your statement about the copyright infringement;
  • Your statement that you, under penalty of perjury, take fool legal responsibility of the statements you state in The Notice and that you are either the copyright owner or hers/his legal representative;
  • Physical or valid electronic signature of the Notice of Copyright Infringement;
  • Username of the user for whom you believe made the upload of the content and violated DMCA law.

Notices of alleged copyright infringement which would not be sent according to this procedure, will not be taken into consideration.

Notice of Copyright Infringement should be sent to The Website. Contact data can be found on the Impressum page on every page of The Website.
25th July 2015

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