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This Privacy Policy informs you of how (The Website) collects, uses and discloses personal information it receives from users of The Website.

The personal information we collect are only used to improve The Website. By using The Website, you agree that The Website collects some of your personal information and use it in accordance with this Privacy policy. You understand and accept that The Website enable you to use it in good faith with all of its content such as text, articles, comments, photographs, videos and other data. You also understand and accept that the visitors and/or logged-in users of The Website may browse, view and share any of your content which you self willingly make publicly visible on The Website, according to the Terms of use, Statement of protection and Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, terms used in this policy have the same meanings as those used in our Terms of use, also accessible from every page of The Website.

In case you decide to use The Website as a logged-in user, we will ask you to provide us with your email address. Your email address will be used to check if the provided email address is really yours by sending you an activation. We may also use your email to contact or identify you or to send you promotional information about The Website or its partners.

WE DO NOT SHARE NOR WE INTEND TO SHARE your email with any third party, except in case of breaking the law of those countries that have laws in accordance to the modern civilized countries and/or unions such as EU, USA, Australia, Japan, etc. The Website is operated from EU and we will not provide ANY information for legal representatives of those countries and/or similar entities where human rights are being violated and/or certain groups of people are not being accepted in the society because of some of their inborn trait.

In case you decide to use The Website as a non-logged user, The Website will NOT COLLECT ANY personal information about you.

Like many other websites, The Website may collect certain information (Log data) that your browser sends every time you visit The Website. These may include technical and/or other information such as your IP address, operating system and/or browser type and/or versions, the page of The Website you have or you are visiting, time duration of your stay on those pages and similar statistical data.

The Website uses cookies to ensure the best user experience on this website. If you continue without changing any of your browser settings, we’ll consider that you agree to receive cookies from The Website in accordance with this policy.

By visiting The Website and browsing and viewing its content, you acknowledge that you fully accept and understand Cookie Policy and the technical procedure of gathering, storing and using cookies on The Website. You can review all the details about how we use and/or store cookies on The website by visiting and reading our Cookie Policy available on every page of The Website.

We give our best to secure all your personal information but never forget that no method of network communication over the Internet and/or no method of data storage can be considered as absolutely secure. We will try and do our best also in the future to use any reasonable technical and/or physical means to protect your personal information but we cannot guarantee its absolute safety.

The Website contains links on other websites not operated by The Website. If you click some of third party links, you will open those websites in your browser and there you will have to agree to their privacy policies. Make sure you review the Privacy Policy of every website you visit by clicking on the third party links on The Website. The Website cannot and does not have any kind of possibility to control the content and/or privacy policies and/or any third party services or products those third party websites might have.

We reserve the right to make changes to Privacy Policy without notice. If you will have any question about Privacy Policy and/or any other questions regarding the use of The Website, please contact us by visiting our Impressum where you can find all our contact data.
25th July 2015

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