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We've put together all the details about our online community, how to participate, all about credits, hot to get a personal horoscope and much more.


Our community is free for everyone and can be used without any restrictions or obligations. Anyone can join for free and use our platform. We help where and how we can.

With a registration you become a member of our community. For every second that a member is online on the portal, we will give 0,01 credits to the credit account. This makes for 24 hours online on the portal 864 Credits as agift! The credits can be spent according to anyones wishes.

Anyone who runs out of credit, simply waits until the credits have filled up to the desired height. For those who are impatient and would like to get credits immediately, they can do so by clicking on the following LINK.

Credits can be donated to members and members can donate credits (only if you bought credits!). We have put some together different packages of credits together. The more credits you buy, the more extra credits you get.

Each new member receives a welcome package at the first registration.

The value of 5000 credits equals 1.00 Euro!

In the user administration of our community you can find various ways to collect credits.

For all questions regarding the use of the portal, our customer service is available to you, which can be reached by contact with the profile SUPERPROFIL erreicht werden kann..


The Superuserstatus is our little magic wand with which we waggle when you activate the Superuserstatus. The Superuserstatus allows you to enjoy various benefits of our community such as:

- Write extra long messages
- 50% discount on messages with experts
- 50% discount on personal horoscopes and charts
- Messages to all members of the community for 0 credits
- Possibility to get 864 credits as a gift every day
- Read free premium articles

and lots of other advantages we have listed HERE.

The Superuserstatus can be activated with only one mouse click HERE for foralready from 0,33 Euro / daily.

The experts

Our consultants / experts are available to all members almost 24 hours a day and are ready to answer all your questions. All experts are listed with a mouse click on ALL EXPERTS

The price depends on the consultant. If you shoud run out of credits, just wait until enough bonus credits are added to your acoount, or you visit our shop and purchase credits as desired.

Charts and personal horoscopes

We offer additional services such as charts, various personal horoscopes and other. These are listed with a click on EXTRAS. Please note the instructions. Once submitted, the request can not be changed.

The price depends on the chart and horoscope and is always displayed in credits. For members with a Superuserstatus there is a 50% discount.


Free readings


Free readings

FREE Card readings for all Ocultu members and new members. Ask for your free card reading now!


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