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Five reasons why Aquarius is never satisfied

Five reasons why Aquarius is never satisfied
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Being in your 20s is crazy enough as it is, but for Aquarians, it can be particularly hectic. We’re restless in a world of change.

Being sick and tired of everything is only made worse by our stubborn and detached nature. But at least we’re clever, we’re independent, and we know what we want and how we’re going to get it. So why do we never feel satisfied? Here are five reasons:

Structure makes us feel trapped – Falling into that normal routine of life is fine for some, but for us it’s a nightmare. Waking up and doing the same thing day in and day out scares us; we don’t like rules, office jobs, or anything that tries to tell us what to do.

We need complete independence – While we love our friends and the people we spend time with dearly, we also don’t like having people depend on us. When people start getting clingy then we might ask for some space.

We thrive on new things, new situations and new ways of doing – Constant newness is a must in the Aquarian’s life. Shopping sprees, channel surfing, pub crawling, and serial dating are all things that the Aquarius will enjoy doing.

We’re the biggest dreamers – There’s a specific way that the world should work according to us. Our dreams are grand, and our will to achieve is strong, so when the world doesn’t adhere to our guidelines, it makes us a bit crazy.

We can be the most impatient people in the world – Patience is most definitely a virtue that we do not possess. Not only are we not patient with others, we’re even less patient with ourselves, which only further perpetuates our feelings of being forever unsatisfied.


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