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Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius
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Igor IGOR23.2.2016

From 14.2. to 05.03.2016. planet Mercury will transit through the sign of Aquarius. According to the views of modern astrology, Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. After Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, who has repeatedly returned us to the fact that we shall deep face our problems and mistakes of the past,....

After Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, who has repeatedly returned us to the fact that we shall face our deep problems and mistakes of the past, put us on a number of trials and gave us plenty of new important life lessons, the transit of Mercury in Aquarius leads strengthened our mind to new life endeavors. Thoughts are unloaded, fast and progressive. What we have learned from the past now be applied to the implementation of new desires, goals and plans.

Attention is required at the end of Mercury's walk through the sign of Aquarius. Read here what you should pay attention to.

By itself, Mercury in Aquarius will create space for many new jobs. The unemployed will finally be able to breathe, as well as those who aspire to changing jobs, moving to a better job and-or taking any significant endeavor within their work. The revenues are increasing with these business changes. However, not immediately significantly, because Jupiter (still in Virgo) is a natural significator of money, and at the time retrograde - at the place of his fall. Visible progress occurring in the last quarter of the year, when Jupiter enters the sign of Libra.

Most success will have those who are dealing with private businesses, human occupations, scientific research, IT department, management and marketing, aviation,... Almost all the time, Mercury will be in contact with Venus, the planet that brings good luck, happiness, manages harmony and relations with other people. Thus empathy will be at a much higher level. Acquaintances with interesting people, unusual behavior, similar or identical interests, can be coupled for a lifetime.

What will happen, what problems and what goods brings Mercury in Aquarius?

Although the planet Mercury is sexless, in the right place, and in contact with Venus, it will bring a lot of new relationships. Acquaintances themselves entries in connection play out will be sudden, and unexpected. Partners will be quite different from all so far. It is very interesting that the highest number of contacts will happen through the Internet, as well among members of religious and ethnic differences, and differences in age, but it will not pose absolutely any barriers, because Mercury in Aquarius does not accept the above differences. Some will want to experiment in the field of love and sex, and do whatever they have not so far. Many members of the LGBT population in this period will achieve a very serious love affair and interesting connections.


The conjuction of Mercury and Venus

The conjunction of Mercury and Venus awakens interest in art and creative expression. Then, the implementation of highly innovative and unusual creative forms, the combination of different genres, and even incorporating more artistic directions in one piece. Thus, produced a large number of extremely original and unusual works of art, whose value and durability are of paramount importance. Special vibration will shake the ground of the internet world, art and fashion.

The curiosity of Mercury's transit through the sign of Aquarius, is contained in a large sextile that Mercury will educate their rulers Saturn and Uranus, which are each located in a very strong aspect of trine.

This is the time when we realize and recognize that much has changed in the last few years. These changes lead to better. If you feel bad for this, there is one and only one reason, and it literally means you have not done nothing important to change your life for the better. Maybe you tap in the current work blindly leading to - I am where I am, for now it's safe. Perhaps you are unhappy and frustrated, because you are attending college that does not suits you and you give your best to finish it, because of your parents and other people who say you have to finish college to find a job and gain stability.

Probably you are in an unhappy marriage, and when you ask yourself why, the answer is always because of our children, or you are afraid of divorce, or afraid of what other people will say. Perhaps you are frustrated, because you live in a dysfunctional family relationship, and you are staying in your family, because you are afraid of the reactions of them, whether they suffer and because you have fear how you will cope in the new environment. Maybe you are unfulfilled, and maybe you're not quite ready to. You don't need a reason to do anything in your life. Do it because you want to. Because it's fun. Because it makes you happy!

There may be many reasons, such as blind slavery generally accepted because of social norms and stereotypes, which have been imposed since you were born, and they accompany you throughout your life's journey. You let other people, society, politics, religion, the media and family create your own life. You must create your own feelings and make your own decisions. You must become aware, the route you are following, is an escape from yourself and it is the main reason for all the fear ... the greatest enemy of Liberty.

Finally, you must understand; Freedom is a basic need, in fact the highest ideal of life of every living thing on the planet. The only obstacle standing in the way of its realization is fear. Each of our personal dissatisfactions, failures and miscarriages, are conditioned by fear.


New Era

Freedom and fear, it is the struggle between good and evil which is described in numerous mythologies, religions, great artistic and philosophical works. Someone will call it the Devil, someone will call her Cinderella and the evil witch, someone will call it Socialism and Capitalism. You have to understand that this struggle primarily takes place inside of you.

Your future life should not be based on fear, you can not sink more, because with the arrival of new opportunities, you will sink into the water of suffering, sorrow, sacrifice, self-denial and other sludge that water of the past brings to you.

You now live in a new era. In the era of Aquarius. You have got to start to live a new life which requires you to live freely in accordance with its own essence, needs and desires. First you need a deep confrontation with yourself and than work on the things you want to change. Without knowing yourself, your life disposition will never be transformed. You can do anything , everything is allowed, caring attitude to the environment is nothing more than a reflection of the backwardness and stupidity. Cultivate a sense of guilt and remorse is nothing but destruction itself, self-destruction. Be who you are.

Be a good man! But, being a good person does not mean you should live how others want or say you to. If you are not comfortable with it, it is certainly not a reflection of your love and kindness toward them. It is spiritual prostitution because you are afraid you will be discarded. Being a good person is, above all, love yourself, pamper yourself constantly, and therefore, there is a need to do good deeds to others. Forget and forgive all you have helped and did not helped you in return.But help came from a person whom you least expected to come, perhaps even from a total stranger. That is the law of the Universe. Help is not a debt, but unconditional donation.

On the occasion of specific events, this aspect will bring many, radical change - jobs, interruptions of bad relationships and marriages, breaking connections with the annoying family, bad habits and suffering... It is ideal for the launch of all new jobs.

The influence of Venus advises you to consider how to make a businesses from something that was only a hobby.

Also, many people are choosing to work from home and over the Internet.



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