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The Harmony ball

The Harmony ball
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A Harmony ball is a charming figurine necklace that resembles something in the world. Each necklace is highly detailed and finely colored. They contain a bell which vibrates gently when you move. This is said to create a feeling of calm or "harmony" in whoever wears it.

Traditional Harmony ball

The traditional Harmony ball originates from a number of cultures and regions including Bali and Mexico. It is a symbol of calm and relaxation, and has been used by pregnant women in these areas for centuries. The traditional harmony ball is a small silver ball or heart-shaped ball that hangs from a black leather cord and can vary in circumference and height. The ball is often finely detailed and beautiful. The small bell inside rings against the silver and creates a slight yet beautiful sound. Like wind chimes, the sound is subtle but noticeable and is sure to make even the most nervous person relax.

Chiming Spheres Harmony ball

The chiming spheres style of Harmony ball are an ancient Celt meditation device. Like the traditional harmony ball from Mexico and Bali, they are made of silver with a tiny bell inside. This bell helped relax the Celts and put them in a mind to be one with nature. The chiming sphere is much larger than the typical Bali harmony ball. A chiming sphere is roughly one inch in circumference. The chiming ball hangs from an adjustable string. It comes in different styles and colors. There are the plain spheres, angel spheres, dolphin spheres, Earth spheres and more. A chiming sphere is good for someone who wants a harmony ball but finds the traditional ones too big or the crafted ones too ornate.


Pot Bellys Harmony Ball

Pot Bellys are some of the most popular harmony ball necklace styles. The pot belly is a short and wide re-creation of a person or an animal. Instead of the traditional bell, they have a small compartment available for storage. A small bell could fit inside the compartment, however. The pot belly harmony ball style comes in two varieties: historical pot bellys or animal pot bellys. The historical pot bellys are re-creations of important historical figures. These historical figures range from political figures like Abraham Lincoln, inventors like Alexander Graham Bell and writers like Agatha Christie. The animal pot belly harmony ball styles feature a wide range of cute animals including cats, dogs, monkeys, lizards, dolphins, bears and more. Each animal has its own name.

Harmony Kingdom Harmony Ball

Harmony kingdom is a wonderful set of sculptures that are handcrafted to the finest detail. Like the pot belly style of harmony ball, they have a storage container that can store small things, including, if you want, a bell. The harmony kingdom sculptures are more diverse than the pot bellys. The pot bellys have only two categories of harmony ball styles whereas harmony kingdom has dozens of harmony ball styles. There are angels, cats lounging on beds and staring in mirrors, impish fellows, insects fishing, picture frames and more. Each creature is humanized. They make an excellent addition to any house.


Elephant figures


Elephant figures

Elephant is a symbol of strength, power, stability and wisdom. The lucky elephant charm is a deliberate bit of cultural exoticism found in America and Europe.

Amulets and Talismans


Amulets and Talismans

Amulets and talismans vary considerably according to their time and place of origin. In many societies, religious objects serve as amulets. A religious amulet might be the figure of a certain god or simply some symbol representing the deity such as the cross for Christians or the "eye of Horus" for the ancient Egyptians.

Bola balls  for expecting Mamas


Bola balls for expecting Mamas

The Mexican Bola is designed to create a gentle soft chiming sound during mums movement and the baby is relaxed by these chimes up until the birth. Pregnant women wear the sound ball directly at stomach height.



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