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Why are you attracted to bad people?

Why are you attracted to bad  people?
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What attracts us to people we know will inevitability hurt us? If you were to consider that fact that the current divorce rate in America is more than 50%, it’s clear that women and men are frustrated with the opposite gender.

This trend is pushing people into re-arranging their priorities thus remaining single for longer and delaying marriage. In simple terms, both men and women are playing it safe opting to stay safe and single rather than trapped and sorry. Even though many men wonder why women are attracted to bad boys, the ladies cannot understand why it is that there’s simply not enough nice guys to go around. It’s the women who hold the reputation over men for dating bad boys and playing with fire, although men really are equally to blame for dating bitchy girls. Why is it that loads of guys who are dating beautiful, thoughtful and sweet girls continue to cheat and walk all over their girlfriends?

Attraction is without doubt where it all starts, without attraction, there’s nothing. Without meaning to offend any of our readers, I’m compelled to share my true feelings as a way to cut straight to the reality for which this article is based on: “Nice people usually are not that attractive….” Attraction is far more about looking good. Attraction is a combination of many things, first and foremost, confidence is the one element that typifies attraction. That being said, nine times out of ten it’s the cocky and arrogant types that ooze confident and sex appeal, and unfortunately, nice people simply do not fit this mold!

Ever noticed how all the hot guys and girls at school turned out to be just average later in life? It’s because these people cruised through their teens not having to bother about seeking attention. When these ‘once popular’ types venture into the real world, the dating game is completely different: It’s attitude and charisma that matters, that’s what gets attention in the real world!


Certainly there are plenty of good-looking, sweet and intelligent men and women out there however these types often get labeled as “complete packages” thus they are too good to be true or even fake. It’s human instinct to become insecure and threatened when someone of either the opposite or same sex appears to “have it all” It’s also human nature to need to find flaws in these “perfect packages” as a means to feel good about our own-selves.

Single people often find it necessary to question the reasons as to why a gorgeous stunning man or woman would be interested in them? “Why would someone like that be interested in me, there must be something wrong she must be a bit crazy.”

Both men and women can be guilty of making determinations too quickly. It’s for this reason that many men and women feel more comfortable dating people who are obviously less than perfect. It makes us feel like we are as equals, neither person is better than the other. Don’t be too quick to become a skeptic when you meet an awesome person who is interested in a romantic connection. If you can find a sensible balance between attraction, chemistry and self-worth, you’ll go a very long way in landing the person you truly deserve.


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